Folk Art on the Front Porch

I live in a 1920s Sears, Roebuck & Co. mail-order barn. Yes, you used to be able to order homes and barns from Sears along with your pajamas. Vee is the nickname of Vaney, the retired cow from the barn’s weathervane. Someone used her for target practice before we knew her and then, not long after we moved in, her hooves rusted out and she blew off the cupola. She lay in the grass for a long time. Later, she sat on an obscure shelf on the way to our sun porch. John helped relocate her to the front porch and that’s where she lives out her days. 

I decided to knit a scarf for her one winter (I ripped the stocking cap off an old Christmas ornament) and then…once 2020’s headliner dominated every page, dressing her up became a sort of pandemic art project. When I couldn’t find something to represent the season, I crafted what I needed with Sculpey clay.


Vee modeled all the months of the year, available here in her own calendar:



Published by Lauren