Turkey Term

We are in that funky period post-Thanksgiving break and pre-Winter Break at NCS. The English Department Chairperson refers to these two and a half weeks as Turkey Term. In sixth grade, we’re working on poetry.

I introduce the lesson with a slideshow about common elements and vocabulary for appreciating poetry along with examples of poems by young people.

This mistake couplet by my younger son, and crafted when he was ten or eleven, is one of the poems I feature in the slideshow:



I went to the store to get a box,

I made a mistake… and got small-pox.

I went to the Moon to find a crater,

I made a mistake… and found a gator.

I went to Georgia to eat a peach,

I made a mistake… and ate a leech.

I went to Hollywood to find fame,

I made a mistake… and found a game.

I went to Russia to find my Babushka,

I made a mistake… and found some trashlushka.


Published by Lauren