Lit Mag Love: Amelia Bedelia Takes a COVID Test

My Lit Mag Love posts are all about finding treasures when I immerse myself in the hundreds of literary magazines online. I did a search for magazines that accept previously published material and came across a list of 101 magazines compiled by Randal A. Burd, Jr. on The Edge of Memory. Have you ever heard of The Ekphrastic Review? Their niche: publishing literature inspired by or responding to visual art in some way. Then there’s Space Squid: a sci-fi & humor ‘zine that’s oriented to people who are bored easily. Their guidelines say the work submitted doesn’t have to be sci-fi or funny, but it cannot be boring. The editors explain, “We reject lots of stuff. There needs to be totally rocking shit blasting out of that story of yours.”

I’m familiar with The Rumpus and love that they feature letters from authors for kids. They also have a column called Funny Women. I shared this hilarious story about Amelia Bedelia, the classic character from author Peggy Parish and illustrator Fritz Siebel, updated for our pandemic-era by Lindsay Hammeroff with my family. It deserves amplification. Check it out here:

Amelia Bedelia takes a COVID Test



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