Published: Creating a Grief & Growth Notebook

The process I learned to help clients who’d experienced sexual assault reframe their trauma became an important feature of my own healing 17 years later when I lost my teenaged son to suicide. I call it my Grief & Growth Notebook. It’s filled with sketches of the future I want and the past I try to see differently. It’s a mixed-media assemblage to display the messages about living in the present while acknowledging both the heartbreak and joy of memories. The various pages together help me recognize the sustaining power of love in the face of sadness, so I can step forward into a new version of my daily life.

What’s Your Grief, a valuable website for the bereaved, published the article I wrote about crafting my visual roadmap for resiliency and why it works.

Check it out here: G&G Notebook Article

The Mighty republished a version of the article in July 2022. That’s here.

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Published by Lauren