Drawing Inspiration

I’ve been on an ART BOOK kick this summer. I bought four books: one about sketching and three others about illustrating journals and collage work. I found them at a little shop along Lake Champlain, the used bookstore in Kingston, and in the new artsy thrift shop I discovered in the entrance of BluSeed Studios in Saranac Lake. Delicious. I’m trying to stretch myself in my studio and these books are feeding my intention. 

Here’s my attempt at livening up my journal with images from our recent journey to Niagara Falls. Do not ask what the mushroom-like thing is; I have no idea. Just go with it.

Left: Viewing the Falls on our first night from the public park scenic visionary Frederick Law Olmsted suggested NYS develop as an urban oasis.

We, like Olmsted did in August 1869, explored Goat Island.

We did not join the throngs on the decks of the Maid of the Mist. It seemed like a Covid-tastrophe waiting to happen and then there was the expense in addition to  the disposable ponchos (blue for the American side of the Falls and red if you got on board Canada’s version of the tour boat.). 

Below/right: We avoided Interstate highways on our long journey across New York, passing  lush hillsides and family farms. 

The trees follow the rule of the sketchnote videos I’ve watched and shown students: they’re recognizable vs. realistic.

Like a lot of things, I’m going to keep going and see where the art takes me.

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