Fridays at Five Club

I experimented with erasure poetry this summer and led two sessions on the form with students during our fall orientation. 

North Country School teachers are a passionate bunch. Over the years, we’ve had an Ultimate Frisbee team, an Iron Pig (an NCS version of the Ironman triathlon), and a rock climbing competition called Dave’s Crag-a-Thon.  

I chose to start a club for students who’ve asked for additional space to create poetry, short stories, comics, and hybrid work. They also wanted information about contests and lit mags. 

I’d bookmarked over 30 magazines open to young artists while conducting my own lit mag research this summer, so I pitched a Fridays at Five Club and six students signed up to create. 

They all used me in various ways:

  • Are there any lit mags for LGBTQIA folks? 
  • I want to do an erasure poem with the US Constitution! 
  • Can you give me a prompt? 
  • I have the character and setting for my story, but I forget what conflict means (a fourth grader).

Before heading off to dinner, they shared aloud what they’d started in our corner of the Main Building. They wanted to keep going, but we’d run out of time. A successful first run with room for growth—my kind of club.

A View of every day:

The majestic Adirondacks

is the stage for


and growth

Your world opens and you step forward

The journey between achievement and values

School community

Found our way to this moment

The bold choice

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