Lit Mag Love: Charlotte Maya

I am familiar with grief math, especially word problems:

If Lauren was 49 when her younger son died at sixteen in 2018, how old will she be when she’s lived sixteen years without him?

 Answer: 65.

Charlotte Maya’s Grief Math is a tender and real essay about the calculations spinning around in your head after devastating loss.

She’s written extensively about the grief and growth she’s experienced in the wake of her husband’s suicide in 2007.

I’ll be one of the first in line to get her memoir, Sushi Tuesdays, when it comes out.

Here’s Charlotte Maya’s stunning piece in Hippocampus Magazine:

Grief Math by Charlotte Maya

In December 2022, the NYT’s tagline for Modern Love pulled me into Charlotte Maya’s orbit once again. This remarkable work, with the ability to capture how debilitating and exhausting suicide grief is, along with the shining light of kindness and love from others, means I’ll return to this essay again and again. Don’t miss it:

When a Doorbell’s Ring Means Hope

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