Lit Mag Love: Charlotte Hamrick

From eighth grade until my sophomore year, I crushed on Mike Rock. Then my laser focus turned to Scott Sabella until I graduated from high school. We attended our junior prom together.

To be honest, I still lusted after Scott throughout my college years, envisioning some more-than-friendship spark bursting into a winter or summer break as we ran into each other in the food court at the Champlain Mall, one of us on our way into a movie and the other on the way out. A promise to meet up for breakfast later followed by long-distance phone calls and a wedding on some island in the Caribbean. Did. Not. Happen.

Mike and Scott were not Norse gods; they were short and sexy in that Michael J. Fox way. They were both kind and good friends to me.

Here’s the beauty of spare prose in action with Hamrick’s Flying

Hamrick has a long list of published poems, fiction, and CNF. Check out what you’ve been missing: 


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