In Service to Your Story: Creative Nonfiction & Memoir

What you’ll get in this workshop:

  • Gentle, powerful, & effective feedback
  • Tips & tools to strengthen your voice
  • 750 words to workshop
  • Writing prompts
  • Resources for publication
  • These workshops are available for small groups at $15 per person. 

The following workshops are underwritten with a Sunburst Award from the Essex County Arts Council. I’m grateful for their support. Join me in 2024! 

**** MARCH 23, 2024 in Wilmington, NY (in-person only) 1 pm – 4 pm. Also FREE & OPEN for adults.

**** October in Ticonderoga (in-person only). Also FREE & OPEN for adults. MORE info. to come in June.

Use the CONTACT form for more information or to begin the registration process. Please include “CNF” in the subject line.