The Grief & Growth Notebook

This is an interactive workshop for participants to reframe some of the overwhelming aspects of grief into a portable, personal work of art.

I first learned of this technique as a counselor working with clients who’d experienced sexual assault, taking professional development workshops with the innovative Jan Hindman, former clinical director of It’s About Childhood. Hindman died in 2007.

After my son’s death, a friend gave me a copy of Artful Grief by art therapist Sharon Strouse, whose teen daughter died by suicide. Her work, combined with my own creative process and clinical awareness, inspired and informed my own notebook pages. 

The Grief & Growth Notebook workshop requires at least two hours and some art supplies; it’s most effective in-person, but can be adapted for virtual programming.

Details: 10 participants (max), $200 plus travel.

A 90-minute individual and introductory training is available for grief counselors for $75. 

What’s Your Grief, a valuable website for the bereaved, published the article I wrote about crafting my visual roadmap for resiliency and why it works. Check it out here: G&G Notebook Article

Another version of the article was published in The MightySuicide Grief

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